When Agriculture And Tourism Meet, You’re The Winner

When Agriculture And Tourism Meet, You’re The Winner

Sometimes you need to get away from it all and for us city-dwellers a weekend away in the country might be what we need to recharge the batteries.

Agri-tourism new castle va is about a getaway break with a little bit of a difference. Rather than staying at a hotel, you stay in a smaller place, perhaps a bed and breakfast where you really get to experience food as it should taste and be right there on the farm.

Agri-tourism can contain anything which is about understanding the agricultural way of life. Some places might let you have a go at being a real-life cowboy. Others have educational classes about how the countryside works.

Agri-tourism new castle va

You might create your own cider, or at least press the apples that will make next year’s cider. Whatever you want to do, even if it is just relaxing by a roaring fire after a day’s hike in the mountains, there is an agri-destination waiting for you.

What does agri-tourism do?

The goal is to establish a mutual understanding. Tourists get a better vision of what happens in the countryside. Small farms, vineyards and smallholdings get another source of income which might make the difference in making a place viable and thriving.

An international phenomenon

Almost every country has some sort of agri-tourism initiative. In the US where agriculture makes up such a large part of life, agri-tourism reflects how life is lived in the different climates. The things you do in Virginia are not the same as the things you would do in Texas or California. But what agri-tourism opens up the best of a local environment and gives the outside an authentic taste of what it is really like to be a native of the state.